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Green Office Program

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  • Shut down computers at the end of the day
  • Turn off computer monitors when not in use
  • Enable sleep mode on printers and copiers after five minutes of inactivity
  • Turn lights off when leaving a room (i.e., kitchen, bathroom)
  • Turn off power strips at the end of the day
  • Unplug microwaves, coffee makers, and other small appliances at night or program them to shut off through a timer
  • Close blinds at night during cold weather
  • Send emails to fellow staff before holidays and breaks containing an energy-saving checklist

The Kitchen

Provide reusable silverware/dishes

Office Supplies


  • Use 30 percent recycled paper for copiers and printers
  • Purchase Energy Star/EPEAT printers/copiers
  • Use scrap paper
  • Make double-sided printing the default setting on your computer
  • Contact news media and catalog distributors to receive fewer publications in your office
  • Don't print emails

Take the Pledge


Make sure you have a desk-side paper recycling bin

  • Request paper and plastic/glass/steel/aluminum recycling bins: if your office area needs them, call 6-7570
  • Post recycling signs for what can and cannot be recycled
  • Provide recycling bins at meetings and events
  • Review recycling rules with your office
  • Post unwanted furniture and supplies before trashing
  • Recycle your ink cartridges: Contact Connie Mitchell for more information
  • Recycle small electronics
  • Recycle your computers, laptops, printers, A/V, office phones: call 6-7570


  • Bike or walk across campus
  • Take the UM shuttle
  • Use Parking and Transportation Services' alternative commuting options
    • CarPool Program and CarPool ZONE
    • Guaranteed Ride Home
    • Bicycle cage
    • MTA bus passes
    • Car Share Program
    • Charm City Circulator
    • Low Emissions Fuel Efficient parking
    • Zimride
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


  • Provide recycling bins at all events
  • Use reusable or recyclable containers, cups, and utensils
  • Provide reusable mugs, dishware, and silverware for staff and visitor use in kitchen or break room
  • Reduce waste: use bulk containers of sugar, salt, condiments, and beverages (including water)


  • Use local eco-friendly printing services
    • Indigo Ink (Columbia, Md.)
      • Uses 100 percent windpower
      • Offers recycled and Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper
      • Recycles all eligible materials
      • Uses a waterless system
      • Uses vegetable oil-based inks
    • Ecoprint (Silver Spring, Md.)
      • Provides recycled paper
      • Uses vegetable oil-based inks
      • Uses 100 percent carbon-neutral process with zero greenhouse gas emissions
      • For digital color printing, uses a toner free from toxics
  • Use FSC printers in Maryland
  • Download ecofont to save on ink when printing
  • Refer to electronic versions of all University publications