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UM Go Green Pledge

Take the pledge today!

How will you reduce your environmental impact?

 Enable power management on my computer Plug my electronics and chargers into a powerstrip, and turn it off when I'm not using them Use Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) in my office Walk, bike or take mass transit Take the stairs, not the elevator

 Turn off the tap Report leaking faucets (or any other maintenance issue) to my building manager or to operations Drink tap water instead of bottled Take shorter showers

 Make all copies and print jobs double-sided Use reusable mugs and dishes whenever possible Recycle unwanted items Stop junk mail and junk faxes Properly recycle ink cartridges and batteries

 Close fume hood sashes Defrost freezers periodically in order to keep the level of ice buildup at 1 inch or less Turn off nonessential lab equipment when not in use (confirm with lab manager if necessary) Recycle plastic pipette tip boxes Find less toxic chemical alternatives for my research Take one additional step to green my lab practices (write it in the 'Your Ideas' section)

 Buy local, seasonal produce (from the Farmers Market) Buy organic Green your event

 Get involved with the Green Office Program Become a Green Leader Speak up! Sign up for UM Go Green emails

What do you think?

Submit your ideas for ways to make UM a more sustainable campus. What other actions will you take this year?

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