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Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
Sustainability Steering Committee
June 5, 2013

Present: C. Banks (Communications), R. Cook (SOM), P. Crowe (SOP), M. Drymala (O&M), T. Green (Parking and Transportation), M. Krone (Utility Operations), T. Morse (AEC), J. Phillips (SOD), R. Shelley (SON), H. Strassler (Faculty Senate), B. Taylor (Facilities and Operations), G. Viola (O&M)

The March BTU/SF report was distributed. Of particular note is that the heating days for March were up and there were no cooling degree days which means the chillers did not need to run. Average temperatures were around 45° resulting in lower electricity but higher heating costs.

Committee Reports

Transportation and Teleworking: Tony Green, Chair

New UM shuttle service hours are now 6 a.m. to midnight with no weekend service; the fall schedule is currently under development.

To date, 200 people have posted about rides using the new Zimride program, up from the 150 posts in May. Inclusion of the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) has not been launched; the hospital’s legal team is working on an amicable MOU.

Charging station procedures are being reviewed and will be communicated to users. Currently, drivers are not completely ending their sessions; the Office of Parking and Transportation Services will work with riders to ensure proper usage. UMMC has one station and no registered users. T. Green is working with J. Graves to establish a policy that will allow University employees to use the UMMC's station.

Education and Awareness: Clare Banks, Chair

The 2013-2014 workshop series is currently being planned; many of the workshops will target students. The series will be held in the Green Room of the Southern Management Corporation Campus Center. Reorganization/updating the GoGreen website is underway and communications regarding recycling on campus is being created. 

Design and Construction: Terry Morse, Chair

This group now meets quarterly instead of monthly. HSFIII will be LEED certified. A presentation to the committee will be scheduled to review the certification process.

Demolition of HHH begins this summer; fencing will be installed around the building soon. Some of the items in the building will be repurposed/relocated around campus. A plan of action has been developed and, upon approval of the plan, meetings with the schools will be held to discuss where the repurposed items will be relocated. Items include 22 planters, benches, granite seating, a serpentine canopy (will be offered to the schools or the zoo), and a glass canopy (may offer it to UMMC).

Operations: Vassie Hollamon, Chair 

Consistent signage for the recycle program has finally been created. A marketing campaign to advertise the battery recycle program will be initiated in the fall. Composting is being explored with Vet Medicine. Only one response was received for the shredder/bailer which was too high; the project will be resubmitted for bidding. And a used truck has been purchased to support the recycle program. 

New Business

The UMMC Farmers Market began May 14. The market vendors now accept food stamps.

R. Rowan is working to develop a Tool Bank that will make tools available for usage on campus community garden projects.

As of June 1, 2013, the campus entered the “summer” months regarding energy consumption. During the summer months, Monday-Friday, noon to 8 p.m., the campus is subject to blackouts or brown outs as requested by PJM to conserve energy and take the pressure off of the grid. In addition, to conserve energy, many of the administrative buildings go to holiday or static phase during long weekends and nights and regular weekends.

The seventh floor of BRB is close to LEED Gold certification; the eighth floor of BRB achieved LEED Silver certification.

The next meeting will be on July 3, 2013 at 11:00 a.m., in GR-001 of the Saratoga Building.

B. Taylor