The University of Maryland's (UM) recycling program is the most well-supported sustainability initiative on campus with a total of 48.1 percent of our waste recycled in 2010. UM's goal is to recycle 50 percent of our waste by 2016. 

UM employs a dual-stream recycling program with receptacles in offices, departments, kitchens, and lab and common areas. Bins designated for paper can take mixed paper and cardboard, including milk cartons and other food containers. Non-paper bins take all forms of plastic, mixed glass, aluminum, and steel/tin containers. 

It takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose.






  • Reuse plastic bags, bring reusable bags to campus for shopping/lunch
  • Check plastic containers for recycling numbers one through seven before throwing in the trash
  • Look for recycling receptacles in offices, departments, labs, and common areas
  • If your area is in need of recycling containers, please call the Operations and Maintenance Service Center at 6-7570.